Barcelona Bound for Unanticipated Pleasures!

acrylic, collage, sealing wax, baggage tag, gel pen in the Traveling Muse Journal titled “Unanticipated Pleasures”

How do you prepare for a trip to Europe?  By anticipating everything you can think of – hopefully all pleasurable – but certainly more pleasurable if one has planned carefully. . .and there’s the rub.  How to be prepared while also being entirely open to the occurances, pleasurable or not, which are UN-anticipated, the ones you were not able to pack for or reserve ahead of time, because they just pop up and want your attention.

My aunt Betty, who used to travel the world constantly it seemed to me, had a travel motto “You are always in the right place at the right time.” which I have inscribed on my travel sketch  journals.  The terrific thing about the unanticipated, out of left field, 180 degree turnabouts that on a trip are simply marvelous material for a sketchbook.

But actually I had none of this in mind consciously when I did my entry in this Traveling Muse Journal for Sunday Muse group.  I was reflecting  on the simple pleasures that arise in my life, like catching a lizard doing push ups on a sunny rock.

I’ll be on my way to the airport when this posts, and when I get back June 22 will resume posting again with lots of travel sketches to share.

And hopefully you will be able to join me for some art fun this summer – for a travel sketch workshop at the ocean in Gualala, California later this month and a Free the Creative Spirit Retreat Weekend in July.  More information about the workshop can be found here.

Hasta luego!



  1. I hope you are back now Susan and with a lot of sketches and photos… I also hope that your adventure was at least as interesting as “Vicky, cristina, Barcelona” (Woody allen”s movie – great one, and great music too…)


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