Sidewalks and other cracks

acrylic, collage, Citra Solved magazine papers! pen in w/c sketchbook

Open your portal!  I’m cracked.  You’re cracked.  We’re all cracked. . .open.

My latest entry into a Traveling Muse Journal (from the Saturday Muse Group) whose theme is “Sidewalk Cracks”.  Speaking of cracks. . .did you see the picture of the 300 feet deep sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala City after Tropical Storm Agatha?!  Swallowed a 3 story building and a city intersection.  Now that’s what I call a CRACK!

It happens that our son Ben is in Guatemala right now on a coffee and macademia nut plantation.  Moments before the storm hits, and a couple days after the same unlucky city was blanketed with 3 inches of fresh ash from a nearby volcanic explosion, he calls to say “Don’t worry.  I’m safe.”  (Audible expulsion of breath here.)  Living with our increased global awareness is definitely a mixed blessing.  I love the excitement of calls from Guatemala, especially the I’m safe variety, or the after-the-fact kind.

Right now I’m praying for a quiet spell from not only the Guatemalan volcanos (of which there are many) but the Icelandic volcano as well.  Monday I leave for Barcelona via London.

(from the text here bottom right, taken from an antique book of poetry)

With wild romantic notions blind,

That everywhere I was to find

Human hearts as warm and kind. . .

fine words to carry along on a European adventure, don’t you think?


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