Muse Agnes’ House of Dreams

by Muse Agnes

The House of Dreams lesson was particularly poignant for Muse Agnes, who will soon be moving her family (back) to France and into a new house after many years living abroad.  Her art journal piece and accompanying writing became a way for her to focus her vision of how she wants her new life in France to unfold.

What I really want this place to be is a place where I banish boredom.
A place of heaven /peace for everyone entering the door welcomed by Ganga- the deity of warmth and protection.
I want to plant the seed of my many years of travel and expatriation:
– the Asian serenity
– the European coziness
– the American simplicity
I want to plant my roots and offer my kids who grow, my friends who visit an open space for endless creativity, eternal optimism and profound love and respect for world.
I want to show my gratitude for my previous years of discovery and enriching experiences.

And so Agnes, we add our prayers to your own, wishing that all your dreams will come true in your new home.


One comment

  1. I love your collage work. I’ve always been interested in collage but have focused my spare time and energy on writing and photography. Checkout my two blogs: “Levonne’s Pretty Pics” and “A Camp Host Housewife’s meanderings” when you have a minute. I’d love your comments.


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