Every House Needs a Griffen

Foil, gesso, light molding paste, collage, acrylic on w/c paper

Every house needs a Griffen to guard its treasure.  An ancient temple filled with light and the music of the spheres.  All appears well except below where the creatures wings are coated with slime and it cries feebly “Free me!”  but it’s too late.

My latest from the House of Dreams series.  I was almost finished with this piece, which seemed to herald all things bright, when I spied two eyes staring at me in the murky bottom.  Another not so fortunate Griffen, who dipped himself into Gulf Waters and was lost.  These global disasters capture our art as surely as they capture our hearts.



  1. Every house DOES need a Griffin! I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. But while I wait I will comment on your beautiful collage and it’s gleaming metallic jewel tones. I love the colors. I’m sorry to hear about the other griffin. Perhaps he will survive the oil spill in the Gulf.


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