Barnyard Sketching Day One

Sketching at Rose and Thorn Gift and Garden Shop, Sebastopol, CA

Workshop students on the left, chickens on the right, goats on the far right behind the fence.  A fine day of sketching “in the barnyard”.  We started with pencil sketching to loosen up and capture bits and pieces of our moving targets – the chickens and goats, who were very busy eating and scratching and crowing and such.  More pictures and sketches coming after the next day of workshop tomorrow.

Aren’t they adorable?!  These baby goats live behind the Rose and Thorn garden area as part of sustainable farming enterprise which includes chickens and sheep and bees!  They live inside portable, solar powered electric fencing and help keep the grasses and blackberries cut back and eventually become dairy goats.

We all struggled to get a goat “likeness” in our sketches today.  The faces are almost triangular and thinner that you would think.  I’m glad I have another day to get it right and more time to stare into their gentle faces.  Not to get too close though, or they bite down on your sketchbook, tasty nugget that it is.


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