More houses of dreams

As I promised last week in my post House of Dreams I want to share the art journal pieces done by some of the Tuesday Evenings Muses and the writing that came out of the experience of doing the art piece.  The writing prompt used here was “What I really want this place to be is. . .”

by Muse Muriel

Tea Garden
What I really want this place to be is a sanctuary for lavender and tea …
a quiet garden spot for solitude, for seeing clearly, for revelations … something graceful and meandering
where the wind whispers and the daisies nod …
where journeys can be taken in my mind to imaginative places
and then inward where my heart sings.
It all begins with a cup of tea and a quiet moment.
For my 66th birthday, May 11, 2010


by Muse Linda

What I really want this place to be is… a place of spiritual birth, where I can go back to my roots, my cultural roots. It’s the place where I trusted the universe implicitly. As a child, I was taught that God would provide, and I believed it literally then. Later as a young person finding my way, I tested whether manna would fall from the sky, wondering what manna was exactly. An image of the commune house on China Grade Road, near the Jesuits who blessed our crops, that we generously called “The Farm”, lives in a fixed place in my memory and still appears in my dreams. Something good would inevitably appear – Francisco with crates of oranges, someone with a ride, hospitality, words of inspiration and cheer. Somehow sustenance was always there because I expected it to be. It’s a place of transcendence, full of potential. The house of my dreams has only cutouts in the wood plank walls for doors and windows, no barriers between me and the world.


Thank you Muriel and Linda for sharing your dreams with us.  As I sip my tea and look out my window at the world, I recognize these same yearnings we all share for a quiet moment and a benevolent, hospitable world.



  1. Love to read your musings—I just got your Blurb book today—-it is just marvelous–I hope to get a handle on this type of soul searching which I don’t think is in me—but your book may change all that–or not—if not I will just continue to enjoy visiting your site.


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