The Bigger Part

watercolor pencil, acrylic, inks, pen on w/c paper

She does not see the bigger part of who she is.

This piece was done in stages, the last one being the arrival of a personal meaning.  Weeks ago I did a demonstration of a “beginning” in a muse group, a loose dribbling of paint and scribble of pencil in the shape of a castle.

Then the piece sat for a few weeks and I was experimenting with a new (to me) method of image transfer using a copy onto Apollo transfer paper of a figure drawing I’d done.

Once again the piece sat a few weeks, until I took the time to look at it with a quiet mind and let it speak to me.  The figure of the girl gazing away from the glistening castle. . .summoned the thought that there is this unfortunate tendency for us to become preoccupied with the small stories of our lives and turn away from the greatness of the divine spirit and limitless potential which is our true nature.  The figure is connected to the dream castle as a rock is a part of a mountainside.  A gentle reminder for me to remember my own source.



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