House of Dreams

Acrylic, collage, hand cut stamps on w/c paper

Talking to paper is talking to the divine.  – Burghild Nina Holzer

Do you have a place to house your dreams?  And if you did, what would it look like?  This was the theme of the Muse Group last night. Using collage and acrylic and foil textures and a hefty dose of Muse inspired imagination we “built” our dream homes on paper and let them speak to us in words. The following words came to me as I gazed at the above piece:

What I really want this to be is a place where I can explore the sea and the land and the skies and never be bored.  First I will dive through the central eye and swim with the dolphins in peaceful tropical waters.  Emerging onto land I will roam in forests filled with friendly animals until I am tired and ready to enter the temple of OM for a deeply restful sojourn. . .until an eagle sweeps me up and carries me over a city where evening chanting fills the air until. . .I am dropped once again in the ocean to catch a wave and ride it to the shore.

As we showed our art pieces and read our free writes there was a sense of astonishment at what had emerged.  In a sense we “work” very hard at our art play, with a sense of urgency.  But last night as we wrote, we were taking dictation as the doors of the imagination swung open and poetic wisdom surged forth as from a treasure chest.  I made them promise they would allow me to post their work here, so happily I will be sharing it as soon as it can be compiled.

If you are interested in this Muse group, or art journaling process you are welcome to see and read more.  Over three years worth of my art journals have been archived here.  In the column on the right hand side under Categories, click on Art Journals.



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