Garden of Delights

acrylic, pen collage on w/c paper

Greek Gods enter right, fill the garden with new blooms, freshest of the fresh, dewy eyed and radiant.  Take off your shoes.  This garden is a temple of delights.  Trod carefully lest you disturb the inhabitants.  Hera queen of the gods, full of wisdom, ageless, youthful.

Who is this oversized baby who walks on new blooms, yet they bloom even more profusely for it?  He holds the secret we all pursue.  “Walk with me,” he says.  Is it Eros come to steal our hearts with the heady scent of blossoms?

Have you ever tried Greek Gods yogurt with the picture of Hera on the foil top?  Nothing low cal about it.  Try the kind with figs.  Yum!  I licked the top clean and stuck it in my collage pile and used it the very next day – in the Tuesday Muse group last night.

Surely the goddess of springtime has been visiting my garden because every plant is blooming shamelessly, simultaneously, as if the world is soon to end and it is their last chance to dazzle.  So we took the opportunity to  explore our sense of SIGHT to engage the creative spirit in IN-SIGHT.

Georgia O’Keefe said, “When you take a flower in your hand, it’s your world for the moment.  I want to give you that world.  I want you to know that looking is engaging the soul.”  So we followed her advice and sat in the garden looking at (and smelling) a chosen flower, then drew it and entered the world of the flower and let it speak to us.

The silent looking was very calming, for a while, then restlessness set in.  I had no trouble with the drawing, but had difficulty getting away from the tendency to reproduce the flower shapes/colors accurately and go beyond them to an expression of the inner world of flower-dom.  Each one of us had some barrier to cross over, but the results were surprisingly liberating!

Jean Houston writes that “thinking in images creates FIRE IN THE MIND, VISIONS IN THE SOUL, and ENERGY IN THE BODY”!  Precisely.


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