Lavender Ladies and Dark Hamlet Nights

lavender, volcanic sand, ochre pigment, feathers, ink, collage, acrylic on w/c paper

Demo from Saturday Muse Group

Lavender ladies and dark Hamlet nights.  Creatures hatching in the dark, populating the highways and byways.  Ancestral spirits speaking now and we must listen. . .to the crickets chirping and birds songing and lizards leaping.

The mask speaks:  I am here to scare you to attention!  Death is coming, but life is here now.

No surprise in the timing of the message here.  We talk about death quite openly now, my 91 year old mother and I, especially with her recent hospital stay.  How will it come and when?  And the subtext for me is always, for you and for me.  And yet she is so vibrantly alive still, a lavender lady.  Lavender ladies would be the little old ladies with their youth way back in those bygone days of WWII and prior.  Perhaps it’s the Lavender ladies I seek with my fascination for movies about that era.

And then the night before I was watching the new PBS version of Hamlet, dark and forboding and simultaneously so intensely compelling.

And the creatures hatching?  A walk on our nearby trail yesterday evening and the air was so heavily populated by bug life, gnats and such, not to mention pollen, that there was scarcely space in the airways for breath!  So much life hatching. . . even while death lurks.

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