Merchants With Advice

Sumi ink, collage, acrylic, fabric on w/cpaper

Gentlemen and a lady of Verona, merchants with advise about money – how to lie for it, dress for it, sleep with it, hoard it, amass it, pass it onto the lineage. . .worn out, disappointed themselves, yet they get to be the judges.  “You do not measure up.  You have not worked hard enough to be worthy of us”, they say.

But the ladies of the gallery disagree.  “Nonsense!” they say.  “Your value is not in impressing others.”

Ah, but what have I accomplished in this lifetime so far?  A common theme at this age, one which certainly came forth in this playful piece.  The figures always have something to say if you give them a voice.  And they seemed to think I either needed to amass more wealth or further my education.  After all it’s been about 33 years since I was at the university and I never went on to get a PhD!  Better I guess to have the harsh judges out on the paper than eating away at self confidence.  Luckily I have the ladies in the gallery on my side.

My  mom is in the hospital right now, better than yesterday and going home tomorrow.  So I’ve spent the past two days marveling at the kindness of nurses and other hospital staff and the grace and resiliency of this 91 year old.  Surely those are the qualities we should all judge ourselves against.



  1. I have this really cool pic of bob marley and i was wondring if you could paint it for me? and ill buy it from you?


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