Rose and Thorn menagerie

watercolor, Sharpee pen in Arches Travel Book

Yesterday I took my sketch materials out to the Rose and Thorn Gift and Garden shop, where the Barnyard Sketching workshop will be held next month, to check it out.  Two feelings immediately assailed me as I walked around the gardens, stepping aside as the Royal Shakespearian acting troupe (in chicken form) strutted and clucked their way around.  First I wished that the workshop was that very day so I could share in the excitement.  Second came a big Gulp!  How were we going to capture this incessant movement in our sketchbooks?  The people who have signed up for this workshop are probably wondering the same thing.

There’s only one Harpo, a highly theatrical Polish something or other rooster, and everyone will want to sketch him. He seems to be irritated with everything, jerking his head and tail feathers defiantly and charging in and out of the goat pen like he’s their ruler.  Carole says, in his defense, that his irritation may have to do with the fact that he’s got that silly plumed hat with feathers in his eyes.


But of course that wasn’t my first sketch!  I started with a big sketchbook and a pencil to try to understand the basic chicken shapes.

Look, sketch, look sketch, wait til he turns around and look and put in a few more lines.  It’s all about patience.  Josef Cotton is another rooster with black and irridescent green feathers and about the size of a collie (well, almost).  He was doing the patrol, back and forth in front of me for long enough to get an idea.

This goatie with a goatee, pure white and very sweet (though he took my sketchbook in his mouth in a flash when I got too close!) had only one and a half horns for some reason.  I forgot to draw something for him to stand on!

The Barnyard Sketching workshop on May 22nd filled up, so I’m doing another one on May 23rd and I still have some space in that one.  If you’re interested, contact me.

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  1. This is just absolutely and unequivacably(is that a word?) wonderful. You are a masterful sketcher/drawer (ARTIST!) and the animals keep their character and then some under your keen eye and pen!



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