Ancient dreaming

light molding paste texture, image transfer, collage, acrylic, ink on w/c paper

My secret weariness vanished on the return to ancient dreaming.

In Sunday Muse group we started out with the word play game where we cut up a page of lyrics from different Bob Dylan songs.  Cut them into individual words and jumbled them up.  Then picked out words for a sentence to spark the imagination – something a bit odd preferably, a bit unexpected-something to shake out the cobwebs of old thinking patterns.  I picked Dylan lyrics for their edgy-ness.  In other words – not all sweet spirit and loving kindness, but some dark stuff thrown in for the shadow side to relate to.

When I found my sentence, I realized I had already done the painting for it weeks ago and just had to write the words on. The elephant god, Ganesh, is pictured here on the right.  He’s the “remover of obstacles” – like weariness, I suppose.  I got to thinking about the secret weariness I carry, not the “I didn’t get enough sleep last night” kind.  More the -I’m weary of bad news and the tendency of my own mind to bore me with its boxed in repetitive thinking – kind.  I spent last Saturday at a day long meditation retreat, dipping into the cave of ancient dreaming, and indeed the weariness of the mind vanished, at least for a while.

Now can you guess which Dylan song these words were taken from?

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