Drum maidens in procession

Inks, collage, hand cut stamp, gel pen on w/c paper

drum maidens in procession singing

give me grace and glory

to find a balm for woe

to comfort and to bless

the angels work below

below, where we root and take hold

grow forth from the fertile soil of our dreams

become flowers

and so on to seeds

and back to bloom again

light below

music below

dance below

drum maidens in procession

There’s something entirely supernatural about a sunny spring day when new growth appears everywhere,  pulled out of the master magicians’ hat.  My magician is a woman with a hand drum who has been known for many thousands of years by many names:  Demeter and Isis, Inanna and Hathor, and others.

I cut out phrases I liked from an old hymnal and glued them down randomly, only to discover that they’d formed themselves into a rhyming stanza.

Lately I’ve been reading Layne Redmond’s book When the Drummers Were Women and playing her hand drum music from the album “Invoking the Muse”, which draws me into a dancing meditation.

Andy and I went to the beach yesterday, listening to his Reggae playlists all the way there – a different kind of drumming to be sure, but not that different.  The beach was pretty deserted and I had the whole expanse of sand to dance on with all that drumming still going on in my head.

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One comment

  1. Susan, I love how you finished this with the names written in all the light space, and the drumming women progression. I am glad to have seen it at an earlier stage and then to view the result now. I have to listen to this drumming very soon!


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