Going tinier

palm size travel palette by Natural Pigments (with my watercolors squeezed in)

I’ve been using the same travel palette for 7 years now, so I thought, with my upcoming trip to Europe in June that I would try out something even smaller for the on-the-go-super-quick-capture moments which will characterize the majority of my time there.  Two weeks in the south of Spain and France!  We’re talking- cram it all in.  None of this leisurely, painterly, setting up an easel and painting in one spot all day.  There’s an awful lot of good food to be eaten and museums and beaches and monestaries and medieval fortresses to visit. . .

So I’m trying out this one.  I like the way it sits in the palm and even has a ring underneath which goes around your finger so it won’t go flying off into the fountain when someone knocks your elbow.  And you can move the little pans around and buy extras so it’s easy to change colors.  There’s nowhere to stick a water holder, which is one drawback, but for this quick stuff a Niji water brush would probably be preferred (though I can never get the paint on quick enough with that one).  But I must say, it has got to be the cutest darn palette I’ve ever seen!  I’ll let you know more when I’ve been around the block a few more times with it.

My student Cathy was the one who showed me this palette and she wanted to know what paints I would put in it – so this is for you Cathy.  And thanks for the tip!

Now doesn’t this just remind you of those children’s stories of mice and, (wasn’t it the “Borrowers“), who lived inside the walls of your house and slept in matchbox beds?  And won’t this baby palette look adorable all curled up snug in my travel purse with a baby Moleskin?



  1. Susan,
    I was recommended to your website because I was looking for ideas on how to combine my watercolor with ephemera and merge it into some form of collage. I definately found inspiration by looking at your work. You draw and paint beautifully.


  2. The one I see on the natural pigments web page is 5″ X 2.75″ for 12 half pans. Is the one you have that dimension? Yours in the picture doesn’t look that long. The one I see is 624-208412H for $36.95. I am looking for one that is about 4″ long.


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