Cassandra again

sepia ink on paper, 15 X 24″

From last week’s Thursday Night Drawing Group.  Cassandra is tiny, elfen, quicksilver, strong.  Her blond hair explodes in Mouseketeer ears on top.

My first impression was “There’s not much to draw there.” (meaning curves and bumps I guess?)  but she poses with attitude so I always get something I like.

I was drawing with a bamboo pen with no control over thickness of line, holding it with three fingers to get a more expressive line.  I’m working on connecting the figure with the picture space by just adding “doodle” lines that go out to the edge or meet up with another shape.  There’s a lucky squiggle in the upper left which calls to mind a buttocks.  A mirror shape.  I like that.

You can see more Cassandras on earlier posts:  here and here.

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