Free Willy?

acrylic mediums, sand, earth pigment powders, seeds, collage, pen, stamping on w/c paper

I think I’ll let you draw your own ironies on this piece.  “Who’s Willy?” you ask.  “Looks like King Tut to me.”  All I know is that someone, probably all of us, need to be freed from some kind of bonds that come along with life in a body.  Personally I can think of better ways than being trussed up in a golden sarcophagus for millennia, but then I’m not likely to have to that problem.

We were playing around with organic and inorganic nature materials last night in Muse group and especially relating to the seeding and unfurling of plant growth in this heavenly spring season.  Working with these nature based textures plugs us into our sense of touch and even smell, igniting a sensual pleasure that is satisfying in itself.  We get to handle nature’s gifts, to take the time to let them bloom in the inner space.

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