The Muse Journal’s Travels Continue

Inks, gesso, collage in 9 X 12″ watercolor sketchbook

(My entry this month in Muse Linda’s journal whose theme is “Through Windows” in the Saturday Muse Group)

Through windows we step

into the realm of a fantasy more real

a candy machine that never goes empty

a prayer for each hand, each day, each moment

a prayer that never ceases if we just listen.

Old Man Time watching for centuries

knows all the fools who stop at the window,

look but don’t see

don’t care to venture through.

the view is too vast for most of us

this endless, bottomless, topless terrain.

too much of a good thing

too terrifyingly immense for us ordinary souls.

But ah! Take a look!  Just a peek!

maybe just a nose length through the window.

What have you got to lose but your smallness?

The Sunday Muse group has now launched into the practice of the Traveling Muse Journal books with great enthusiasm.  Yesterday they declared the themes for their books – a great and tantalizing variety, which will be passed around each month for group members to contribute their art to the themes. Here they are:

Matters of the Heart, Trees, Po-artry (poetry), Unanticipated Pleasures, Houses, Taking the Leap, Pillows, and Creature Comforts.

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