King Nimrod and the Sour Puss

acrylic, collage, fabric, pen on w/c paper

King Nimrod, ruler of Babylon, first king ever, mighty ruler, tyrant.  His iron will prevails.  And within this kingdom lives ole sour puss onion face, who looks like he’s got a really foul smell up his nose that he wants to complain about.  Life is hard, he’ll say, nothing but struggle and don’t tell me know different cause I’m a man who knows.

Where are the women here?  Avoiding the sour pusses and Nimrods with their ramrods stuck up their. . .

What can I say?  The Muse was having fun Tuesday night at the first session of the new Muse group.  I will grant that there are many horrid things in life to complain about – certainly tyrannical rulers would be on the list – but nevertheless I do try to steer clear of the complainers.

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  1. LOL! Great words to go along with a great collage. I find I hate complainers, but can also be one of them. However, I try to complain with a sense of humor.

    Ole Sour Puss Onion Face. Great name!


  2. Fabulous!

    My husband always asks if I’d like a little cheese with my whine…

    Thanks for all your sharing and wonderful images; I mentioned you in my blog yesterday; take a look!


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