In a Vortex of Tuneful Song

gel transfer, collage, acrylic, ink, etc on w/c paper

“Blithe we lay in a vortex of extended tuneful song, ranging as forest spirits.” Blithe is the girl who smiles at her friend in this shared vortex of tuneful song.

Can you hear them humming the liquid notes of the song of spirits of forest and stream?  Squish, squish!  Their bare feet skip through the dancing waters as the gentle breeze joins in and a frog hops into the pocket of the girl, who squeels, yet holds it tight as precious cargo.

Her friend squints up at the sun and wonders, Will my future open up before me, or must I continue to live these memories of my childhood as a cherished book one reads throughout life to remember the time when “Blithe we lay in a vortex of extended tuneful song, ranging as forest spirits”?

These are the words that arose as I dove into this piece, pen in hand, and no expectations, to discover more meaning.  I’ve been allowing myself to explore all kinds of “what if’s” lately.  Like, what would happen if I painted heavy body gloss gel on the paper and pressed a photocopy on it face down?  The copy was a print of a piece of coral I have in my nature collection.  The transfer was the best I’ve done so far!  I let it dry overnight, then wet and rubbed off the paper pulp.  So much detail was left in a “rubbery” layer on the paper, and it wasn’t even glossy.  After that I played with my new silver and copper acrylics.  Then I found this picture of girls (from the Pakistan/Afghanistan border) and collaged them on.

Next I tried out some word play.  I cut up the words in some text I liked and jumbled the words until I found a meaning I liked, then glued the words on.  Well, there’s more, but you get the picture.  Anarchy or synchronicity, it is definitely the way of the creative mind to go outside the bounds of logic to play.

In the words of John Blakemore:

To make images is a way of ordering one’s world, of exploring and understanding one’s relationship to existence. . .The images we make are often ahead of our understanding, but to say “yes” to a subject is also to have recognized, however dimly, a part of oneself:  to live with that image, to accept its significance is perhaps to grow in understanding.

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