Giants and Noses

sepia ink on paper. 18 X 24″

Our model last Thursday evening, Nemea, was a large woman.  Surely the subject’s size shouldn’t effect ones ability to draw the image on paper.  I mean I know how to draw a whole mountain range in a tiny sketchbook.  And one doesn’t need a piece of paper six foot tall to sketch the human figure.  Or doesn’t one?  I find myself entirely malleable to the particular energy of a model and in this case it was big energy.  So all of my quick sketches went off the paper before I got the half of her figure drawn on.  This one was a triumph, at least the prone figure.  But then in the next pose she was facing my side, and she has a kind of almost mournful expression that I connected with, and in my right brain state I once again allowed the bigness to take over and suddenly I had a giantess looming up in the background.

sepia and black ink on metallic acrylic toned HP w/c paper with Pearl White Gouache highlights

Oh my!  There goes that nose preoccupation of mine.  Whatever I focus on grows out of proportion with the rest of the figure.  But it seems to be the best way to learn how to draw the various body parts. . .for a while to zoom in on them.  And lately it’s been noses.   I think if I’d made the rest of the body on the same scale as the nose, she would have been cut off at the waist!  But oh, I had such fun with this one because it was the first time I’ve tried painting on a metallic acrylic surface, which made the ink easy to move around with water.  I’d like to do more of these.

conte crayon on paper, 18 X 24″

The model got lost and was late arriving so once again we got to draw fellow artists, which is always fun – a bit like sitting in a coffee shop and drawing the guy slumped over his computer – guaranteed to not move for 5 minutes.

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