Control Chaos

Acrylic, foil, crayon, pen on w/c paper

She’s a looking glass girl with neck outstretched and lolly pop so large she will break every tooth on it,

or is it a wand she can wave to control the chaos which is about to overtake her as she goes down the rabbit hole?

Is there another world, more compelling than this one, behind her closed eyes?

Is she sleeping, or waiting for a parade or a party or a new dress to try on,

something pink and flouncy. . . but surely nothing to get in the way of hopscotch!

What. . . crying now?  But her wish came true!  Life is the play of hopscotch.

As you can see, when you let the Muse in the door you must sometimes sacrifice your sophistication as your little girl self sneaks in as well.  It couldn’t be helped.  The Muse group lesson in foil texture was too much fun.  I cut this shape out of the foil, which was to be an Egyptian ankh, the symbol which stood for “life” or zest or energy, but soon found that it was a girl.  I glued the “girl” with her  lolly pop/scepter on the paper with gel medium and painted over them with some fun colors.  As I went to hang the piece up on the clothes line we use to display our paintings in Muse group, a tear rolled down her cheek and I had to add the last sentence, along with a hopscotch as she’d requested.  Like most girls I was rarely as happy as when playing hopscotch on the chalked drawing on the driveway.



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