Palimpsest 3: My Indigenous Soul

“Palimpsest III” mixed media on canvas, 36″ X 12″

I think it must have been those little birds up at the top there that kept me sane while working on this, the last hold out of the Palimpsest triptych.  That, and the cool water I was resting my feet in.  Somewhere along the line I moved to the Americas, probably Central America since that’s where my imagination has gone of late.  My 17 year old son Andy is in Nicaragua right now on his winter break, and Ben (sophomore at U.B.C. in Vancouver) is headed to a coffee plantation in Guatamala this spring.  I was remembering my favorite part of visiting the Yucatan a couple years ago. . .the Mayan people. . .though once again I’ve got the whole world in there.

With this painting my indigenous soul came to life and then perhaps came to some sort of reckoning.  My feet are in the current of the stream which cools and renews me even while the fierce battle of life ensues, and I seek the wisdom of nature guides and other wise beings.



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