Palimpsest 1: Flying the Inner Skies

“Palimpsest I”, Mixed media on canvas, 36″ X 12″

Perhaps it’s a result of having moved so often as a child, or of traveling and living abroad in my young adulthood, but I travel the inner skies even when I am not getting on a airplane for travel.  So this series of “art journal” paintings took me on the most exotic of world tours.  In this one I visited my African roots and cooled whatever desert heat and sun baked savannas with rivers and streams.   It was very liberating when I realized that my self portrait included a complete and intact kinship with all the tribal peoples of the world. The text “within” this palimpsest , which was written in the form of a “free write” reflects this experience.  There’s some irony in the way I have grounded this figure with feathers of creatures that fly, perhaps to assure that I will continue to have wings to circle the globe!


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