Wander doodling

Isabelle and Christine, hiking to Rector Reservoir, Napa Co. with view to S.F.Bay

I don’t believe I’d spent a day outside for the past three months.  It was intoxicating weather yesterday for the first Wander Doodler hike, led by the intrepid Isabelle.  Down below the mustard carpeted the manicured vineyards of Napa County while we made our way up over an emerald green carpet to the ridge  on the other side of which lay open land and a small reservoir.

taking a sketch breather on the way up

In case you’re wondering, the Wander Doodlers (or wandering doodlers) is a new Sierra Club group that will be doing a new sketch/hike on the second Saturday of each month.  If you want to participate, contact Isabelle.

Bob (not my husband)  chose photography and journal writing while we sketched at lunch, (and I sketched him)

The vistas of the valley and beyond to the bay were way too spectacular to make it onto my sketchbook while I sat lazy and contented in the rare February sun, so I picked closer subjects.

I do hope that if you are in the more eastern lands of record snow storms you enjoy this taste of sunshine as a gift from the (temporarily) sunny west.

CORRECTION!  I  mixed up the gallery hours for Sebastopol Center for the Arts on one of my recent posts, so I will correct them here:  Please note, if you have plans to see the Art Journal show which will be there til March 21:

Gallery hours:  Tuesday – Friday, 10am-4pm, Saturday 1-4pm and Closed Sunday and Monday.



  1. Grrrrr! You guys look like you’re having a swell time hiking and drawing. While we, on the East Coast, are still freezing and expecting more snow. Love your wander doodle drawings.


  2. Oh, and how I would like to participate! But the way is far too long from old Europe. It makes me quite jealous! Where can I learn to make such beautiful doodle drawings? There’s no one around here like you to teach me.

    I wish you a nice day from snowy Luxembourg


  3. Wow, I’m stuck here with snowup to my knees and the wandering doodlers sure sounds good to me. I’ll take mytrip from my minds eye and join you it will be a much needed break to say the least.
    Please do have more sketches like these there so wonderful.
    Well Wanders thres more snow to look forward to your trip was wonderful.
    Have a great day,


  4. Wow! What a beautiful view and a beautiful Susan sighting too. I left a comment for Isabelle to see if the doodlers is open to the public. I’d love to join in the fun of hiking and sketching!


    1. Yes! It is open to the public who love to both hike and sketch, which hopefully is you too! Next hike is March 13, my birthday! So I hope you can come. Isabelle will pick the location and let us know. Actually it’s an “official” Sierra Club hike, but there’s a limit to the number who can come, so let her know as soon as you’re sure you can come.


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