An Artist’s Travels

acrylic, collage, stamps, pen in w/c journal book

Always hanging from a precipice somewhere,

never knowing where she will land,

with no need of trains and planes, she travels

beyond the bounds of the believable,

her ticket but a paint brush

her fare, a sudden notion,

ill formed yet compelling,

heavily trudging, her destination far over the horizon,

or soaring in open flight.

It is the same lunacy of the heart she trusts,

the artist’s GPS navigational system

guiding the journey which never ends.

This was my entry in the Traveling Muse Journal I was entrusted with this month, the theme being “An Artist’s Travels”.  Although I love to travel, to go places on trains and planes, mostly I do my traveling at home.  It should be enough for us artists, though an occasional trip to France is nice too!

If you’re in the area (Sebastopol, California) I hope you’ll stop in and see the exhibit of my art journals at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts which opens this Thursday, Feb. 11 with a reception 6-7:30pm!  My book Conversations With the Muse will be available for purchase at the reception, with journals dating back several years on display.  The show will be open Feb. 11 – March 21 at  6780 Depot St. in Sebastopol (one short block north of Hwy 12 and 2 blocks east of Petaluma Ave)  Gallery Hours:  Tuesday through Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 1-4pm and closed Sundays and Mondays.

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  1. Love the Traveling Muse Journal – very nice. It reminds me that I have tucked in my suitcase a copy of your “Conversations” – it arrived the day prior to our vacation and I plan to luxuriate in its pages while my toes are in the sand here in Maui. xoxo


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