Nature Is Coming

Acrylic, collage, stamps, pen on coffee baked w/c paper

I had been trying to finish up a particularly frustrating painting on canvas and needed a break from “problem solving” on Tuesday when the Muse group met.  In other words, I needed to play.  We were carving stamps out of soft linoleum blocks, which is one of the most relaxing occupations I know.  I went around gathering up thises and thats for collage, finding among other things some coffee baked paper I’d saved and a brown bag envelope from HippyTree, a company my son had purchased a T-shirt from.  I saved the envelope because of all the wonderful doodle art on it and slogans like “Nature is coming” and “Save the buffalo”.  What an interesting thought, that nature is coming.  Coming from where?  And it seems to be going as much as it is coming these days with ice caps melting, rain forests being cleared and creatures endangered.  But right now, in the midst of rainy season, the thing that is coming (aside from drips from a leaky roof!) is mushrooms!



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