Find me

Acrylic, collage, gel pen on w/c paper

This piece, done last week in Tuesday Evening Muse group is a bit of a riddle.  The words Find Me came up.  It’s a bit like the kind of riddle language that Alice encountered in Wonderland.  And so I search the image for an answer.  The goddess in the throne chair is Athena I believe.  And all the children seem quite intent on her.  She stands in a frame like a figure on television and they seem quietly entertained or perhaps transfixed.

But who are the ghost children in their blankness.  Find me! they chant.  And like in a dream the answer arrives so slowly, along a current and on the back of a turtle – two ancient figures to join Athena in saying, “You are ageless.”  An invitation perhaps, to step into the emptiness to find ourselves in that ageless form.



  1. This piece took my mind immediately to Haiti and the lost children – not only those dead but those who have yet to find any family to care for them. It also brings me to think of the mistakes that may be made in haste in taking children too quickly away from the family that may not have yet had the chance to locate them. The beauty of collage is that each one can mean so much and so many different interpretations to the creator of the piece and to those who observe the piece. Thanks for sharing it and your explanation of it.


    1. And I do believe that the images that come through us are from that ground of experience we all share. Your connection to the children of Haiti rings true to me as well. Thank you for expanding the meaning.


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