One World

Acrylic, collage, gel pens in a “Traveling Muse Journal”  whose theme is Far Away Places

The Traveling Muse Journal project began some months ago in the Saturday Muse Group, each person starting out with an 8 X 12″ spiral watercolor journal book and picking a theme.  The books have been traveling each month since to a different person for an entry.  Last month I enjoyed working in this Far Away Places journal, most likely because I am increasingly feeling like I live in one world and frequently travel to any part of it in my imagination.  I’ve re-subscribed to National Geographic.  I’ve collected some antique books so I can also travel to other times.  And my sons are both headed off to Central America this year for volunteer/study/vacation trips which are exotic trips of the imagination for me!  Yesterday I even journeyed back to the year 1300 B.C. and visited the tomb of King Tut (at the De Young Museum in San Francisco)

Ironically on the drive to the museum my husband Bob and I (or mostly him – he’s the philosopher) had a discussion about whether or not art has progressed over time as medicine, technology, sports has.  Later, seeing the intricacy and astounding beauty of the Egyptian tomb art was a confirmation that in the area of art at least, “progress” as a concept seems irrelevant.  I was dying to get out my sketchbook, but we were herded through the rooms in crowded batches with no space to sketch.  Nevertheless I believe the powerful images will be appearing and re-appearing in my art.

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