Michal returns to model

10 min Charcoal sketch on 18 X 24″ paper, Bill Wheeler

O.K. so this is not Michal. . .yet.  She was late for the Thursday night drawing group so our fearless leader Bill sat in for her.  And what a great subject, with his cowboy hat on his knee!  Beth took a turn next. . .and then Michal (alias Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream) our evening’s paid model showed up, thinking she was on time.  Oh well.  She more than made up for her lateness with her inspired dramatic poses!  You could almost hear the lines she was running through in her head.  Shakespeare?  or something more contemporary?

charcoal studies

Black Vis-a-vis Wet Erase Fine Point pen, spritzed with water and smoodged around with my finger. . .on HP w/c paper

This sketch is an example of exaggeration of one feature which beguiles.  In this case it’s that flirtatious eye over the shoulder.  Other parts got a little out of proportion, but at least I caught the feeling.

charcoal and pastel, 18 X 24″

Last 20 minute sketch of the evening.  I see I’ve exaggerated the nose.  I draw noses big sometimes and they look better to me.  I always thought I have a rather large nose myself, especially when I was a teenager,  so perhaps this tendency to enlarge the proboscis is, at this advanced age, a sign of self esteem?

If you’re local to Oakland, CA and you want to try a figure drawing marathon, there’s one coming up February 7.  This is my absolute favorite setting for sketching the figure, organized by the Bay Area Model’s Guild.  I have to miss this one, but check it out!

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  1. Hi Susan, I love your sketch of Bill in the chair with his hat on his knee. Looks like he was ready to JUMP up when Michal showed.

    The drawings of Michal are great, but my favorites are the charcoal sketches. I love how you’ve captured movement in those.


  2. Really nice work Susan!!! My favorite is the back. I remember drawing with one of those colored fine point ink pens then dipping my finger in water and smudging. Then my finger would be purple for a few days.


  3. Susan,
    These are just genius!
    I love that 10 minute one of Bill. But only ten minutes! Wow! It would have taken me a lot longer.
    Great ones of Michal, also. I like how you tackle the subject with a variety of methods. The explorations are fun, n’est pas?
    also posting as


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