The Angel Guardians Speak!

by Muse Gail

More Guardian Angel figures, this time in the Tuesday Evening Muse group.  After the playful painted beginnings and collaging fun and more painting and some drawing, we had written conversations with our figures to find out what they had to say.  And boy did they have lots of sage advice for each of us!  Advice tempered with copious blessings for our lives.  I photographed the Muse student pieces where they hung on the clothes line gallery at the end (hence the visible clothes pins!)  No uniformity here of Muse expressiveness.  But the angels’ blessings were received by all.  And some of the words may be added to the pieces at a later point for a finishing touch.

by Muse Adrianne

by Muse Pauline

by Muse Rhonda

by Muse Dani

by Muse Muriel


One comment

  1. some great things in this angel guardians piece! too bad the sage musings and advice of the angels couldn’t be captured. auditory dimension needed! i’d be curious to know what that amazing bird-creature of dani’s had to say – or maybe that guy just gives out a massive vibe with no words?


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