Arabian Nights

Acrylic, inks, collage, sealing wax, pen on w/c paper, 15X11″

Here’s the unedited version of this mid-winter escape to another place and time piece:

They didn’t sit around and watch TV.  There were too many delicacies to partake of.  Too many hummingbirds and jewels, jewels in the hand, hummingbirds in the jewels.. .and fragrant flowers. . .always some fantastical delight hovering just out of reach. . . almost seen and touched . . .maybe even smelled on a sudden current of air blown in through the tent flaps.

What will become of this kingdom? ask the two turbaned sages confering by the fountain.  Will the barbarians take over or can the practice of focusing on the eternal beauty inherent in each moment prevail?

The hummingbird drinks the nectar, the nightengale sings it, and the kingdom endures by noticing it all in each blink of an eye.

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