The Four Faces of Bob

graphite on drawing paper,  15″ X 20″

The analogy of muscle building is one I often use for the practice of drawing – namely that one must “work out” regularly to have real satisfaction from it.  However that sounds a bit heavy going some evenings when it’s too late to drive into town for a figure drawing group.  So as some of you know, when the hunger for drawing gets strong and the body is tired, I take my pencils and paper with me to the TV room to indulge in some lap sketching while “watching”.  My husband, pictured above, wonders how I’m able to really pay attention to a good show or video while my eyes are on my paper.  My response is, “I don’t have time to just sit and watch, and besides, most available entertainment can be consumed with half a brain and an occasional glance up.”

It’s great being married  to a photographer.  There is camera equipment lying all over the house – you know how equipment laden those photographers are – so when someone is mugging, you have a way to capture it.  This time it was him.  So I printed out a series of pictures in black and white and piled them up on my lap and worked my way down through four of them on this page in the time it took to watch the end of a Masterpiece Classic and a Men of a Certain Age episode. I trust you will understand that my husband has no more of the diabolical or demented in him than most of us.  He is however, a strong character, and I will choose a strong character over a beautiful young lady to draw any time.

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  1. A kindred spirit. I’m always drawing when in front of the tv. I either quick sketch while the screen is moving, pause and draw from the screen, or draw from some other reference material in my lap. This post you did came out so very well. Most of my sketches are only a few inches across.


  2. Hey Bill!
    I had the idea I was going to take this idea and make it into a painting somehow. . . but if I try to copy it I will lose the freshness and I didn’t sketch it on watercolor paper. . .darn!

    Glad to know someone else does this sofa sketching. I think it helps to have the mind occupied on something other than the sketch so it isn’t busy noticing all the “mistakes”.


  3. Susan,

    Your work is inspirational. Thank you for making this blog and sharing your creations. I’m not nearly ss developed an artist as you at this point. But I can recognize that your work in connected to a something very deep. It is really amazing.

    I had a very early connection with drawing and painting but it was lost soon after due to an abusive upbringing, and then, ensuing addictions. I’ve been on the path of recovery for quite a while now (6 years) and for the last three semesters, I’ve been taking art classes at a local community college.

    Drawing and painting really help with the whole process,and it’s nice to receive a boost in the form of having someone else’s works make you want to do your own work–that’s priceless.

    Thank you.


  4. Susan, Bill has been trying to get me to sketch while I watch TV for a while now. I really should try it. I love the 4 faces of Bob. (Although I have to say when I first read the title it made me laugh.)

    Bob seems like he is a most excellent subject. I love all of this faces.


  5. This is a strong drawing!
    I know what you mean about watching TV or video. Even when it’s a good one, it only uses half a brain. Mind you, when I’m drawing, that uses all of my brain, so I’m more likely to sort through papers, knit or crochet, check out the local newspaper for weekly specials or events to go to.


    1. I think that the portion of my brain that is “watching TV” while I’m drawing is the one that otherwise would not be focusing on the drawing anyway, but might actually be interfering with it by criticising, evaluating, or some other less than useful function.


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