charcoal pencil, 5 or 10 min

Last night I focused on connecting the figure to the edges of the picture in some design friendly way.  Not much chance of getting all tied up in sketching the face since I somehow missed the face front poses on my side. (we stand in a circle around the  model).  I’ve been looking at CArla O’Connor’s wonderful figure work lately and getting inspiration there.  No time right now to finish them with color, but I’ll get to that some day!

charcoal and conte pencil with (water) wash over

It seems no matter how I start I never seem to fit the whole figure on the page, but honestly, saves me time sketching the feet- a good thing when you’ve got 10 minutes.

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  1. You can sketch feet in 10 minutes?

    I am a HUGE fan of Carla O’Connor . . . the abstracted figures she paints are gorgeous. And her advice to jump into the abyss has rung in my ears a number of times when I felt afraid to “ruin” something and made the leap anyway!


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