Guardian Angels

acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Well perhaps this doesn’t look like an angel to you, but she fits the bill for me!  In the Saturday Muse Group today we created our guardian angels for the new year by combining human and animal parts that illustrated the qualities we need the support of in the upcoming months.  You could think of it as creating a personal totem.

I chose the head of a turtle because I would like to try to slow down a bit.  The starfish offered an excellent crown and the tulip a colorful natural blouse.  But when I got down to the feet there was so little room that I had to put them behind. . .inside the fireplace!  Yikes!  Then I saw that I had represented all the elements – feet in the oven:  FIRE, head in the ocean:  WATER, blouse of flower: EARTH, and wings in the air:  WIND

There’s the peanut gallery watching it all – my three boys (2 sons plus husband) – keeping me honest,pointing out my inconsistencies, rough edges, etc.  (we won’t go into that too much here) but also keeping me laughing.

And the little owl who seems determined to get me to fly with her.  Why not?

But the shell skirt, so artful and grounding – yes, grounding me with my art, (said Isabelle, so wisely).

For Christmas I gave my 90 year old mother a copy of my new book Conversations With the Muse and an art kit that included inks and collage pieces, glue and a sketchbook.  She is blind in one eye and unable to cut with sizzors any more due to arthritis, but she has  painted enthusiastically whenever I put materials in front of her.

The next day she called me and in a youthful excited voice told me that she had studied the book carefully.  “I can do this!” she exclaimed and proceeded to tell me she wanted a card table and chair set up by the window (in her Assisted Living apartment) and plastic put on the rug, so that she could keep her art supplies out and ready to play with any time.  I sent the boys over to get her set up the next day and now she is launched!  If just thinking about doing it took years off her life, can you imagine what  the actual art play will do?!   I want to be like my mommy when I’m 90.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your work and your tribute to your Mother.

    I especially like your videos and how you integrate materials into your work.

    Happy New Year.


  2. Love the story of sharing with your Mother and to hear of her spirited reply to your work – wonderful! The Guardian Angel idea is priceless and I can feel one forming now. I took time this evening to go back and visit a few sites that were “too full” for me to digest this a.m. So glad I returned here – you always offer me inspiration. I visited Textures, Shapes and Color site at your recommendation – great spot. Thanks for your sharing of yourself and of your love of all things creative!


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