Mother daughter muses

Daughters + mothers + friends + art

I invited my Friday morning mothers’ coffee group plus daughters for a day of art play of the sort we do in Muse groups (and illustrated in my new book Conversations with the Muse).   We played right through lunchtime and I think we’d still be here, but we eventually had to eat.  Such absorption!  It was a great break from the holiday madness. We started out with the black ink, added colors, collage and words at the end.

Libby picked a dance theme, clearly one of her passions.

by Susan – ink, collage, acrylic on w/c paper, 11″ X 15″

In this piece I identified with the plight of wild animals in Asia who are hunted to satisfy the demands of Chinese cuisine.

The leopard jumps into the ribs of his dinner.  So free and yet. . .The panda sucks contentedly on his bamboo never imagining how valuable her parts are on the market in China.  It’s all up for grabs and grab they do.

Be an animal.  The hunter is hunted.  He throws himself headlong into the jaws of death and is consumed.  In the manner of animals I am similarly free and wild and precarious.

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