Merry Christmas! Happy Faces!

Gray Sharpee pen, watercolor in Arches Travel Book

These were the happy faces on the front page of our newspaper this morning so they were the first thing to hit the sketchbook while I was drinking coffee on the sofa.  We are definitely a family in transition.  Long gone the times of being awakened by excited children anxious to see what’s under the Christmas tree.   When we finally sat down for the ritual of present opening I found myself sitting there with three cameras (one video) poised to capture the event.  Two of these devices were presents that had already been opened.  Electronics will trump just about any other gift in this household.  Luckily I’d dressed and brushed my hair!  But the ritual ground to a halt with too many photographers and not enough actors.  I received no electronics, but some irridescent sealing wax and fountain pens, and was happy. . .yum!

Went for a solo walk to view what’s happening in the natural world.  Narcissus blooming and some tiny roadside daisies, a flock of about 50 crows on a neighbor’s lawn, chattering squirrels, persimmon laden trees offering that needed color contrast with the deep green of our California winter.  The birds here ate through a full birdfeeder under our apple tree in one day.  And the hummingbirds hovered so closely  as I filled their feeder – it was a bit like wearing a hat that’s in vibrator mode.  I took it as their form of thanks.  One crimson apple remains on the apple tree, bare of leaves now, and each day it gets smaller as it becomes some hungry creature’s meal.  I don’t bother photographing these things – my husband Bob always beats me to it anyway and works his magic.  Here’s his version of the apple – pre-bites.

Whether you are in a snowy wonderland or in the winter of the southern hemiphere with balmy weather, here’s wishing you a magical holiday filled with love and good cheer!

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