Sketches of Christmas past

Sharpee pen and watercolor:  Christmas 2004

Some things haven’t changed much in the past five years – like our Christmas decorations, the food we eat and the board games we play.  But you won’t find us in the back yard trying out the remote controlled Hummer toy – not with boys who are now 17 and 19, one home from college now.  Instead of sketching each day like I’d promised myself I’m selling books and making presents and buying carloads of food.  But I’m telling myself that I will do another Christmas day sketch, regardless of what is happening!

Last night the four of us had a rollicking game of Pictionary where the parents got beaten soundly by the two brothers, who seemed to almost have a telepathy thing going.  Or maybe they’ve just got fresher brain cells.  But let me tell you, my drawing skills are almost worthless in this game!

If you’re interested in reading my recipe for holiday blues and the antidotes I have learned over the years look at my sketchbook pages on the subject.

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