Book release! Conversations with the muse

My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb! Take a sneak peek and place your order if you’re so inclined… If you live locally (local to Sebastopol, CA) and want an autographed copy, you may pick one up at my studio some time the week before Christmas.  Email me of your interest at and I’ll notify you as soon as I’ve received my copies from the printer.

Conversations With The Muse:  The Art Journal As Inner Guide

by Susan Cornelis

This book is a celebration of the creative spirit through the practice of art journaling. The author’s own colorful art journals serve as examples of how personal revelation and healing are cultivated through this process. The reader is guided through the steps including:  accessing a quiet state of mind, translating inner feelings and visions to paper, employing a wide array of painting and collage techniques, and writing expressively to reap vibrant meaning from the images appearing in this spontaneous manner. The colorful images, materials, techniques, and written words combine for a rich feast for the imagination.

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  1. Congratulations Susan! This is great ! I’ve taken a sneak preview and would love to have it for me under the tree when the girls will be opening their numerous gifts! This is amazing how fast you were able to put it together. I felt like I wanted to touch the grain of the sand on some painting…..Can’t wait to Muse again in January w/ you. Meanwhile I sketch and sketch!
    Musingly yours


    1. I would definitely like to see it under your tree! I will contact you as soon as my copies arrive – it will probably be before the 24th by at least a couple days. Glad you’re sketching! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing.


  2. This book is absolutely beautiful, and the words powerful. I love the font you used for the cover. I love how you put your table of content on a hand made paper. I love how you interchange art for backgrounds, or to be viewed for itself. And most of it… I love the content: easy, not too heavy, inspiring and practical.
    Well done Susan, congrats to you!!


  3. What a gorgeous book! You’ve been busy since I saw you last! I love the last page and the rest of them are so compelling and inspirational-
    See you soon for an in person congrats with real hugs and kisses instead of xxoo!!


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