the traveling muse journal dances

acrylic and collage

The Saturday Muse group has  Traveling Muse Journals which go home with a different member of the group each  month.  Whatever book you receive to play in, you follow the theme established by the originator (who will eventually own the book). This was my entry in the book titled “Let’s Dance”.  I translated the phrase into several languages and had some fun combining these bathing beauties with birds.  Haven’t you ever seen a bird dance?  This month I’ll be working on the theme “Far Away Places” and that’s another theme that’s right up my alley!

I’m still drawing a bit each day, just for the joy of it and as an antidote to holiday madness.  After helping my mother make her way with her walker through throngs of holiday shoppers at department stores yesterday, I decided to swear off Christmas shopping and just sketch instead.

gray Sharpee pen on the bumpy Lama Li paper, from an illustrated yoga book



    1. Hi Darsie,

      The book is out! I just put a link on my blog to the site where it can be previewed and purchased.

      What about yours? How do I find it?


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