saturday musings

Saturday’s Muses sharing . . .

Our art journal creations

We started out with sensory drawings with eyes closed, using both hands, and added inks and collage and later words to end in these phantasmagorical creations!  Darker than usual, certainly because of the use of black ink, but also because this is the dark time of year and those darker aspects deserve our attention as we enter the time of hibernation, of more “inside” time.

by Susan

Edge of the jungle where the wild things are.

Explorers go there.  I go there.

On the edge of mountains where life is precarious

and therefore so precious

There are bridges over chasms there

walked daily by those who strive to live. . .on the edge.

I was thinking here of Greg Mortenson, that generous and intrepid spirit and author of Three Cups of Tea, who I will be hearing speak next Saturday here in Santa Rosa.  His story about his successful efforts to address poverty, educate girls, and overcome cultural divides in the high mountains of Pakistan is inspirational in the truest sense.

I will be starting up two more Muse groups in January, a weekly Tuesday evening group and a monthly Sunday group.  These groups are a great way to re-charge your creative spirit while learning new art techniques each session.  Hope you can join me!



  1. Hey! The pics I took of (almost) all of us and of our work turned out pretty good! I can almost make mine out over there on the easel. What a wonderful day we all had. Thanks for giving all of us permission to feel dark and sad a bit during the dark and sad days of winter. You made it all seem so much more meaningful! Can’t wait to get my autographed copy of your book! Please reserve one for me! Merry Christmas ~ Paula


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