everyday sketching

Gray sharpee pen, acrylic on Lama Li sketch paper

I like to drink my morning coffee in the living room.  Instead of reading the paper I sketched what I see from the couch – what an improvement over the (bad) news!  The moon was not sitting in my dining room, not until later anyway.


I don’t actually like to sit and give a movie my total attention in the evening.  But often I don’t sit down and rest unless I have the excuse of watching something.  The perfect solution is to sketch while watching.  It takes a load off the feet, relaxing the back while still accommodating the restless urge to “do art”.  For this I opened a art history book and copied.



  1. I love that big moon peaking ! I do too paint first thing in the morning, with my coffee… and often the brush ends up in the coffee. It is a wonderful way to start the day isn’t it ???
    I love your portraits…


    1. Brush in the tea or coffee – oh yeah! Who cares anyway. I never heard of somebody dying of that but I’m sure people die each day from art starvation. Starting with art beats the heck out of starting with email.


  2. never heard of Lami Li sketch paper-looked it up and it looks like fun stuff to draw on so I ordered a sketchbook for myself for Christmas. Thanks!


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