the month for simplicity

Sumi ink, Interference acrylics, pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

As the seasonal shrinking (of my ego) occurs,

remember this tiny wizard with his VAST DOMINION.

Simplicity and a loving heart thrive in December.

Remember to shrink.

On Thanksgiving day, while my husband Bob was preparing the meal, I invited my mom and friend Laura out to the studio for some art play.  They dove right in with the Sumi ink and paints, and I did this piece, minus the words, which I just added today.  Golden had sent me some Interference Oxide Red and Violet and Blue and we played with mixing them in with the black Sumi ink.  I was thinking cornucopia, and then a shape appeared inside, and I easily made it into this figure of the little wizard with a couple minor strokes of the brush through the wet ink.  He seemed to be spinning out this cosmic spiral!

When I did the free write I remembered that each December I go through this uncomfortable transition where I feel myself growing very small and insignificant, like the autumn leaves which are falling to the ground and slowly being absorbed back into the earth.  A part of me notes this with alarm, while another part feels a lightening of the load I carry.  So the little wizard here gave me the advice to remember to shrink, to be simple and have a loving heart and all will be well.  The best advice is always the simplest.  Thank you wizard!

I’m also rereading Danny Gregory’s book The Creative License and will be sketching and journaling a bit every day this month.  So if you want to join me in the challenge, I welcome your company!  I’m remembering that last year I did a sketch a day during the busiest part of the holiday and it was such a breakthrough.  Since I got the book off to the printer’s yesterday I decided to treat myself to a trip out to the beach today, even including a lunch of fish n chips!

Sharpee pen, watercolor on Lama Li paper



  1. I’d like to try a little collage everyday since I don’t sketch. I use a 5.5 x 7.5 sketch book with heavy weight paper. Every once and awhile I get brave and use some wet media. I do use the multi-media site ImspireMeThursday for a weekly challenge which always takes me some time to interpret. I look forward to seeing your posts.


  2. I am currently taking a online journal class from Cathy Johnson and am doing a page a day for the 6 weeks of the class. It is certainly a challenge but I am enjoying the process.

    I’ll be eager to see your postings… E>


    1. Good timing Elizabeth. Another person to do the challenge with me! I’m actually enjoying sketching everything so much that I have to be careful not to get too carried away and forget my responsibilities.


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