Cricket love

acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

The Loves of a Cricket. . .A Buddhist prayer. . .If I were a cricket, what would I love?  I would love to chirp, like the cricket that came into my house (invisibly) last week on the Mexican Sage I’d picked for its beautiful purple velvet flowers.  This cricket started up his chorus in our living room.  Each time I entered and moved across the room he stopped singing.  It gave me the feeling he was an intelligent being, who sensed my presence, perhaps in a Buddhist, in-the-moment sort of way.  I am asking to be delivered, I read.  The cricket can deliver me with his stopping and starting. . .becoming a Buddhist prayer for me.

This piece began as a demo for the acrylic textures workshop a couple weekends ago – flowing acrylics painted over a tissue paper collage with bits of text in it.  The text in this one was from a book of poetry, randomly selected and glued on with little or nothing in mind except to add to the visual excitement of the painting.  The words above came in a 5-minute free write which I did afterwards .  The words in blue are from the collage pieces, and they became the prompts for the writing.  The metaphoric mind is always ready to synthesize unrelated details into a meaningful and satisfying whole.  That little cricket who lived in my living room for a few days gained a kind of precious importance and this painting, now in my art journal, will be a reminder of that.

Of course it started out as a painting of a lady with big egg shaped boobs!  And I could have had fun with that as well, but since I’m forever finding egg shapes in my paintings, I’ll let this one ride.

My book, Conversations with the Muse is set to go off to the printers tomorrow and I’m so excited!  It’s chock full of colorful art, writings on the practice of art journaling, personal accounts of transformation- both my own and Muse group members, and even some instructions for the fun mixed media techniques you’ve seen here.  It should be available for purchase here by the end of December, so stay tuned.



  1. Good morning Susan from fog shrouded Vashon Island. Love the cricket sotry and your piece too. Can’t wait to see your book. My book signing event was wonderful – I will forward pictures and email invite to our studio tour opening in separate email. Started hanging the show this past weekend, got the christmas tree up and decorated and by Friday evening we will be ready for the festivities to begin.
    Have a great day.
    Warm seasonal greetings,


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