terra firma

ink, acrylic, collage, gel pen on w/c paper, 10″ X 11″

I am a unique expression of Life, she (the girl) says.

Yeah, so am I, he (the bird) says, but you won’t see me piercing and tattooing myself.  Look at all those people down there depending on you.  You stand on terra firma – a good place to start – NOW WALK!

Terra Firma – Latin for solid ground/earth.    I love this picture of the tattooed, pink haired, stocking torn, combat booted, chained girl.  Such great lengths she’s gone to, to make a statement of originality or belonging or a bit of each.  I long to dress in some outrageous way, to live some edgy bohemian lifestyle.  But – get this – “bohemian” – how old fashioned can you get?  I would have to bring along my reading glasses on a chain around my neck or I’d be lost.  My varicose veins would show through the holes in my tights in an unseemly way and I would probably scream if you tried to needle me for a tattoo.

But that’s what’s so amazing about art!  It’s painless to do all this alter ego stuff on paper.  I love it when the characters I’ve found through collage and painting have a conversation and end up giving ME advise, like terra firma being a good place to start walking.  Feet on the ground, noticing what’s under foot and who’s out there depending on you.  Those bird characters are so smart!  And this reminds me of a quote I particularly like, especially when I’m feeling stuck.

“It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving.” – Henrietta Mears


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