HDR – high dynamic range

photo of my studio work/play table by Bob Cornelis

Today my husband Bob said he felt like a “book widower”, meaning I’m always out in my studio glued to the computer working on this upcoming book Conversations with the Muse.  I guess that’s why I haven’t been “feeding” my blog as regularly lately as well.  I’ve kept him busy enough with doing all the imaging for the book too.  This one I particularly love because of all the texture.  Even my white wall has texture!  It is this new photographic technology called HDR, which I think lends a storybook quality to the scene.  I won’t show you what it does to human skin, at least not mine!  We’re talking prehistoric dinosaur.

Meanwhile I’m having so much fun writing and designing my first book.  I do sort of get glued to my chair.  The voice whispers “it’s time to make dinner Susan” but I don’t move.  An hour later I’m still there at my computer.  Does this make me a nerd?



  1. hi susan! you’re having fun, i can tell. the photo technique does lend a storybook quality to the scene – nice. please tell me your white wall is stucco; otherwise.. well, you did say prehistoric dinosaur…. as to your being a nerd for being glued to your computer: no, it just says you’re obsessed, which is what it takes. rock on!


  2. Susan, What a great shot of your studio! Makes me excited to do art just looking at it! Oh, and by the way, writing a book is a creative process not a technical one so, no, by definition you are not a nerd! See you next month. I can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Paula


  3. No, it doesn’t make you a nerd. Please, not that! I agree with James; you’re obsessed, an obsessed artist. This is a good thing. I for one can’t wait to see the book. No pressure.

    The dinner voice hassles me, too. I wonder what would happen if the hour stretched to two. Not much, I’d guess. No matter; take-out is my revenge. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

    Love seeing your digs. Two things: the lazy susan (har har) is now on my “must get” list. Duh. Also, I think the clear plastic lettuce boxes are the best thing since pre-washed lettuce!


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