Traveling Muse Journals

travelmusesusan1inks, collage, pen

Play a Little Muse Music

. . .and tap out the beat.

Set those girls a dancing and don’t take a seat.

The world’s going round and it won’t slow dound,

swirling and twirling and picking up the beat.

Trouble on the horizon, keep it there by dancing.  Put on a smile, even if you don’t feel it.  You’ll feel it when it’s been on a while. . .then the world will come lapping around your ankles and pulling more smiles from you.  Pretty soon you won’t be wearing those smiles and grins.  They’ll be wearing you!

The Saturday Muses shared their pages in the Traveling Muse Journals that are working their way around the group.  This was my entry from the past month, in Paula’s book whose theme was “Play a Little Muse Music”.  I can’t wait to share the pages done by the rest of the group, but have to wait for photoshop help from my husband Bob to put them in format.  I was just blown away by how artful they were, how totally out of the box creative they were.



  1. Good morning Susan,
    Not sure how I discovered your website but I’m sure glad I did. I really enjoy your work and look forward to your entries daily.
    I am an artist, journal keeper living and teaching on Vashon Island near Seattle. I probably as passionate about living here as you are about the wine country. I have just finished a book based on the past 8 years of my teaching. When one of my friends said, “now that your book is finally complete, what are you going to do next?” I told him I planned to learn to become an artist. He laughed but it is true. Now it’s my turn to take classes from someone else, to learn to grow and become a better teacher.
    So, thank you for your contribution to my new growth.
    Darsie Beck
    ps – I love the dance piece.


    1. We teachers teach because we all want to keep learning, and in the field of art there is no ceiling on what we can learn.

      Thanks for being a regular blog visitor! Let me know more about your book and where to see it.


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