anchoredadobe and yellow ochre powdered earth pigments, sands from two continents, acrylic, pen, collage, etc.

Anchored – sun without warmth, moon without tides

A demo piece from the Tuesday Evening Muse group.  We mixed these wonderful powders (from Mexico, used in construction there) with matte medium and water and painted with them, with fingers and brushes and thinned them down to delicate washes.  Then sprinkled sands onto wet medium for even more texture.

The tribal women (from my antique book “Illustrated Travels”) became part of this desert landscape and the word “anchored” arose in me.  They are anchored in place geographically, culturally, through their traditions and in many ways that seem a kind of bondage to me, the western woman.  Thus the sun without warmth.  And the moon without tides. I cannot imagine living landlocked without an ocean nearby with its tides to remind us of the ebb and flow.

And so, anchored as I am in my own place on the planet, I can still esteem this life so different from my own, and send my prayers and blessings to those who live there.


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