love inna your heart mek ya rastaman

rasta1acrylic on collage texture

It’s not the dread upon your head, but the love inna your heart that mek ya Rastaman!

The beginning of the painting Andy has “commissioned” me to paint for him.  (I’m afraid I don’t know who to attribute the above quote to) He’s drumming now in a Reggae group and has already painted another portrait of Bob Marley for his room and now is giving me the opportunity, along with some new tunes to listen to – Groundation for one.  A new favorite.

Then I remembered that in my 20’s I listened to Jimmy Cliff.  So I downloaded some more tunes and realized I knew all the lyrics by heart.  So now I’m grooving to Bob and Jimmy and others and feeling those warm Jamaica breezes blowing through my studio. . .The painting’s not finished, but here’s the next step. . .then I’ll figure out what I want the guitar to do. . .


This is the kind of acrylic textured fun we’ll be having in the Layering With Acrylic Textures Workshop I’m teaching November 14 and 15 (in my Sebastopol, California studio).  You can come for one or two days and you don’t have to paint a Rastaman.  To register contact me.

And meanwhile, the book writing is under way and I have a working title, “Conversations with the Muse”, but don’t hold me to this title yet.



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