a book is born

strungtogetherSumi ink, photo transfer, Sharpee pen

I finally got around to start writing the book that’s been taking up a lot of space in my imagination for some years now. It’s about the practice of Contemplative Sketchbooking that has been my partner in life for the past few years. The book is in the, shall we say, advanced fetal stage at this point, but it promises to be born by the end of the year.  Yesterday we photographed 150 of my images for print.  Going through my books I found myself reliving not just the external events but the internal landscapes of these past five years and more, since some of the sketches dealt with early family history.  Now the pressure building up behind the dam of ideas is so prodigious that I will be siphoning some off here on the blog.

Starting with this sketch, one that I did back in 2004 I believe.  (I didn’t think to enter a year back then, not realizing I was discovering a healing practice that would be with me for many years.)  I  had so little time for things like blogs back then, so I would dash out to the studio, dip into my Sumi ink, play for a few minutes and find myself restored.

Where the time will come to write this book I do not know, but it is definitely on its way.  Mark my words and hold me to it!



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